Medical Oncology and Infusion Services

Medical Oncology

In the last five years, at least 70 new anti-cancer agents have been approved by the FDA. With continued advances and breakthroughs in targeted drugs and immunotherapy as well as new combinations of anticancer drugs, the role of the medical oncologist remains a critical one.

Medical oncology is essential to Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s comprehensive and multidisciplinary cancer programs. Hoag’s medical oncologists participate in sitespecific tumor boards, oncology grand rounds, and other events hosted by Hoag Family Cancer Institute.

As cancer therapies become more personalized, patients receiving cancer treatment at Hoag have access to the newest treatment options including immunotherapies and precision treatments, which are guided by the results of their tumor profiling as part of Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s Precision Medicine Program. If an oncology patient can benefit by a tr eatment that is not available at Hoag, medical oncologists guide patients to the right treatment in a timely manner.

Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s Developmental Therapeutics Program, in alliance with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, has opened new treatment options for patients with advanced disease through phase Ia, Ib, and phase II clinical trials. This program also includes a specialized research pharmacist. These new agents, which are more targeted and, in many cases, take advantage of the patient’s own tumor genomic profile, are available on a very limited basis and typically only at academic medical centers. Trials can be disease site specific or applicable to multiple different cancers based on the genetic target. Fifteen phase I and II clinical trials opened at Hoag in 2017 with 18 patients enrolled. For a current list of open trials, please contact Leila Andres, M.S., at 888-862-5318.

Hoag Infusion Center


With locations at the Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach as well as at Hoag Cancer Center Irvine, the Hoag Infusion Center provides compassionate and convenient care to oncology patients. The team works closely with the patient’s referring physician to ensure care is seamless and coordinated.

A specialized team of nurses, PCAs, and pharmacists are skilled in administering IV chemotherapy, antibiotics, and intravenous immunoglobulin treatment (IVIG) as well as the supportive care that accompanies these therapies including hydration, nausea medication, electrolytes, and transfusion of blood and blood products. Additional services for oncology patients include central line care, central line education, and chemotherapy education. Rapid Care is available for patients whose care can be delivered in 30 minutes or less, which typically consists of lab draws, central line dressing change, or central line care.

Clinical trials are available at the Hoag Infusion Center in Newport Beach as part of Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s clinical research office in alliance with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Hoag’s infusion nurses are specially trained to take care of patients who are enrolled in a clinical trial, and work in partnership with Hoag’s clinical research coordinators as well as the referring physician.


Hoag Infusion Center, Newport Beach is located within the Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center. It is open Sunday- Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Hoag Infusion Center, Irvine is located within Hoag Cancer Center Irvine at Hoag Health Center Irvine. It is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Hoag’s infusion nurses represent a variety of nursing backgrounds including cardiac, pulmonary, emergency and critical care medicine. All are Chemo Bio Certified by the Oncology Nursing Society, and most of Hoag’s infusion nurses are Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN). The team continues to strive toward its goal of 100% OCN certification. At least 80% of Hoag’s infusion nurses have BSNs. Two certified patient care assistants provide support including venipuncture proficiency at the Infusion Centers in Newport Beach and Irvine. A pharmacist who specializes in oncology is on-site and closely integrated with the Infusion Center team, providing dedicated expertise and knowledge of a growing list of cancer drugs and supportive therapies.


The department houses a Complete Blood Count machine, which provides the patient’s count in under two minutes, saving the patient up to 40 minutes of wait time prior to receiving chemotherapy. Vein finders and Ultrasound Guided IV Start reduce or eliminate the number of unsuccessful attempts.


The Infusion Center prioritizes patient education as well as education for family members or friends. During the patient’s first visit to the Infusion Center, the nurse allocates an extra hour for education on their treatment and possible side effects as well as time for questions. A translation machine ensures each patient receives education and information in his or her primary language.

Hoag infusion nurses are afforded the time to develop relationships with patients to ensure they are receiving the support they need including referrals to Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s range of classes, workshops and other support services. Every infusion chair is equipped with new televisions and headsets, providing an extra level of comfort and care to patients.

When concerns or questions arise after hours, patients may call the Oncology After Hours Support Line to speak with an oncology nurse. The line is free of charge and available during non-business hours including holidays.

For more information call: 949-722-6237