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Despite Pandemic, Mom Had Second Chance at Ideal Birth

“I’ve worked in medical practices before, and sometimes the day to day operations can cause employees to become desensitized to a patient’s anxious or worrisome feelings. At Hoag it’s not like that. They are always a top-notch facility, but in this situation, they were extra respectful of patients’ anxiety,” she said.


Virtual Reality Gives Hospital Patient an Out-of-Body Experience

“The technology allows me to experience brief moments of zero pain where I can refocus and re-channel positive energy to help me get through spasms. It motivates me to keep going,” Charles said.


Oral Cancer Survivor Creates Food Guide to Give Others Hope

“I am grateful to share my food recovery journey,” he said. “The effect of talking with people who have said this guide has given them hope, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Digestive Health

Investment in Crohn’s Disease Gives Patient Comfort and Hope

“I feel like I have the best on my team,” Jason said. “I feel confident in her and in Hoag. Having Dr. Hwang and Dr. Yu, signals to me that Hoag is investing in the care of people in Orange County who have Crohn’s. It’s an opportunity for Hoag to help a lot of people.”

Surf Photographer Learns Valuable Lesson on Water Safety

“I emailed him 20 questions, and within 40 minutes he had answers to every single question,” Jason said. “Dr. Mehta is a champion.”

Heart & Vascular

A Marfan Syndrome Patient Finds Confidence, Gratitude at Hoag

“Just knowing my son would be under the care of this amazing dream team of doctors was like winning the medical lottery!” said Lisa.

Epilepsy Surgery Patient Helps More People

“I feel so grateful. I have been given so much, and now I just want to give back to the people who helped me like Dr. Millett.”


Long-Distance Patient Finds Successful Epilepsy Care at Hoag

“When we moved to Arizona, Dr. Millett asked me if I wanted him to help me find a doctor there,” she said. “I said, ‘No. I’m staying with you. We’re with you for life.’”


A Peek Inside Her Brain Gave Grateful Hoag Patient The Insight

“I honestly feel so fortunate. I feel like he saved my life,” she said.


From Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Hearing ABCs

“He’s wonderful. When it’s for my daughter, as long as the doctor is good, I don’t care what his bedside manner is. But with Dr. Millett, he’s smart, and he has a good bedside manner,” she said.