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On Her Road to Recovery, April Met Someone She Really Liked … Herself

April wanted to like herself. Finally. That desperate desire — along with a chance phone call her boss made to Hoag on her behalf — were the first steps that set April on her brave, inspiring, and ultimately successful road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction that began when she was just 13. April’s … Read More

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Hoag Saved Both Our Lives

After I was diagnosed at age 27, Hoag found a genetic mutation, and tested my family. Hoag enrolled my dad in their surveillance program and found early stage pancreatic cancer. Thankfully they were able to treat it before it advanced.


After a Lifetime of Scoliosis, Spine Surgery Patient Stands Tall

“Dr. Jankowski really understands and promotes the philosophy of patient-centered care. His confidence is very reassuring,” she said. “I am extremely grateful to Dr. Jankowski and his medical assistant, Mileni Avalos for their outstanding patient care.”


Glioblastoma Patient to Hoag: ‘You Made My Year’

“After a year, I sent Dr. Louis a thank you note,” Bernd said. “He told me I made his day. I told him, ‘You made my year.’”


Pain-Free and Grateful, Surgery Patient Hopes Her Story Helps Others

“I’m blessed and Hoag’s blessed to have Dr. Ozgur,” Ann said. “He’s changed my life.”


Hoag Gives New Father a New Lease on Life Through Epilepsy Care for the Uninsured

“It’s been a huge blessing,” he says, tearing up. “I am very thankful. I thank everyone who cared for me all along my journey.”

Epilepsy Patient Receives the Kind of Care Worth Talking About

Ricardo Alvarado’s first four years with epilepsy were marked by a lack of communication: A lack of communication on the part of his neurologist, who rushed through their appointments without taking Ricardo’s concerns seriously. A lack of communication with his family, as Ricardo, then 25, tried to downplay his condition. And a lack of communication with most people in his life about the seizures he was experiencing on an almost daily basis.

Women's Health

Hoag Turns Isolating Experience into Meaningful One for Mom on Bedrest During COVID

“I really felt cared for,” Trisha said. “The nurses would listen to me. They would cry with me. They would tell me their stories, too. What was going on in their families and things that they were missing out on. It felt like I was talking to friends. They made me feel like I was family and not somebody they were just checking off a list.”


Lung Cancer Survivor Feels Connected to Hoag

“I was impressed with his expertise with robotic surgery,” she said. “I thought, ‘This is good. I can stay right here and be treated at Hoag.’”


Trust, Patience, Teamwork and Gratitude: One Back Surgery Patient’s Journey to Health

“Any of us in life can feel like we’ve either earned our own successes or that we’ve had good luck. Either one doesn’t acknowledge the fact that we’ve had help from people along the way,” he said. “Hoag, as an environment, the warmth of the staff, the people, really exemplifies that. That whole experience was just amazing. I was treated as an individual the whole way.”