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From reducing pain after pelvic surgery and regaining intimacy after childbirth or cancer surgery, to treating prolapse during or after menopause and fighting incontinence in the golden years, rehab with our Pelvic Health Program specialists help ensure that you can enjoy optimal pelvic health and healthy intimacy throughout all stages of life.

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To schedule an appointment* please call 949-764-7277 for Newport Beach, or 949-557-0190 for Irvine.

Our pelvic health team offers the below on-demand classes:

*A physical therapy order (or referral) from your physician is required to access services provided by Hoag’s Pelvic Health Program. This is required regardless of your insurance type, including a PPO.

Please confirm your benefits and coverage with your medical insurance carrier.

  • If you have questions about your health insurance plan or network and their affiliation with Hoag, please email
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  • If you wish to pay cash for services, please call 949-764-8271 or email for a quote.