NICU Family Care and Support

Family-centered care

Having a baby who requires special medical attention can be very stressful for parents. However, the physicians, nurses, and other caregivers in the NICU will do their best to provide emotional support for you, while caring for your infant’s medical needs.

Hoag’s NICU team understands the importance of partnering with families to ensure seamless care for their baby. As a family-centered care unit, the NICU team is dedicated to developing the role of the parent and collaborates with families in the journey towards recovery. Hoag’s neonatal team is committed to supporting the needs of infants and their families, and sending babies home that are well and part of a dynamic family unit.

Family education and support

An important element of Hoag’s family centered care model is education and support for the family. From the time of arrival in the NICU, to the day of discharge, the neonatal team provides step-by-step education on the treatment plan of the infant. Parents also receive educational materials on what to expect while in the NICU, and the transition home.

Developmental care

There is a striking difference between a mother’s womb and a Neonatal Intensive Care environment. Hoag’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit recognizes this and utilizes strategies such as Developmental Care to create a womblike environment that minimizes the stress experienced by preterm or critically ill infants.

Hoag NICU has modified the extrauterine environment for infants and families through features such as decreasing light and noise levels, providing longer rest periods, proper positioning and providing therapeutic touch and comfort. Through Developmental Care, babies are seen by an expert occupational therapist, with continued follow-up to two years old, if needed.

For more information on Hoag’s comprehensive Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, please call 949/764-BABY (2229).