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Brighter Image Program: Navigating Changes to Physical Appearance

Accepting changes in your appearance during cancer care can be challenging. Hoag offers a variety of resources designed to help you look and feel more like yourself during cancer treatment.

WIG-ish Workshop

Unsure of how to navigate your changing physical appearance due to medical intervention and cancer treatment?

This complimentary group session invites Hoag cancer patients to play with different looks, teaches you how to navigate the hair loss process, offers tips and tricks to adapt to new and changing bodies and reviews what to look for when searching for wigs.

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Self-Serve Baskets

Looking for a cute hat or scarf to boost your spirits, or perhaps some cozy socks to keep you warm? Stop by one of the self-serve baskets located throughout our cancer centers to choose from specialty, curated items.

Grab and Go Bags

Just starting your journey and not sure if hair loss will be your story? Ask for a Grab and Go Bag from our front desk team member.

Head Shaving Services

Prefer to have your head shaved as you move through treatment? Schedule a complimentary, 1:1 appointment with our Licensed Cosmetologist in a private setting at our Newport Beach Cancer Center.

How-To Overview

Wig Basics & Head Wraps

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Brighter Image Program