Cios Spin Lung Cancer Screening Technology

At Hoag, You Are Not Alone.

The Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s medical team includes experienced, fellowship-trained lung cancer experts who specialize in oncology and thoracic surgery.

Our Cios Spin team includes triple board-certified Interventional Pulmonologist Javier Longoria, M.D. who specializes in robotic and minimally invasive approaches.

About Cios Spin

Cios Spin diagnoses lung cancer earlier, more accurately and less invasively compared to traditional methods. Combined with the 3D imaging of Ion Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy, it provides surgeons with real-time 3D positioning creating the highest level of precision.

With Cios Spin, your doctor can diagnose and treat lesions during the same procedure, resulting in fewer follow-up procedures and better results.

How Cios Spin Works

Cios Spin provides surgeons with real-time, 3D confirmation of positioning, pinpointing the exact tissue to biopsy, while the robotic bronchoscope is moved through the airway.

Using the Ion robotic bronchoscope with Cios Spin provides greater accuracy in diagnosis of lung cancer while decreasing the complication rate to 10 times less than CT-guided biopsies. As a result, you will require fewer follow-up procedures and have a better overall outcome.  


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