Accepted Insurance Providers


PPO, POS, Medicare Parts A & B, and CalOptima Direct plans are accepted.

To check if your insurance is contracted with Hoag, see our Accepted Health Plans.


HMO plans are only accepted in certain cases:

1. Your HMO insurance provider has provided prior authorization.

Note: Hoag Outpatient Lab does not accept all HMO plans. Please contact your insurance company to check if prior authorization is required for testing at our lab.

2. You need lab tests performed prior to your surgery at Hoag and your lab visit is within three days of your surgery.

Note: Pre-surgical blood typing and screening (ABO & Rh Type, Type & Screen) and MRSA tests must be done at Hoag. You do not need to come within three days of your surgery for blood typing and screening or MRSA tests.

For questions about insurance coverage or pre-surgical testing, call 949-764-5600.

Patient Health Records

Your patient health records may be managed and accessed through MyChart. Only you, your provider and your health care team are permitted to view the information sent through MyChart. We use the latest security practices and safeguards to protect your health care information. MyChart is password-protected and delivered via an encrypted connection.

To learn more about MyChart and how to access your medical records, click here.