Mitral Valve Replacement


As one of the highest-volume surgical programs in the country, Nancy and Bill Thompson Heart Valve Center’s expert cardiac surgery team is well-versed in the full array of mitral valve surgical options, including minimally invasive surgical procedures that may not be available at other centers. In addition, the team has received multiple cardiovascular surgery awards, including being named among the top 12% of heart surgery practices in the nation.


How is Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery Performed?

During mitral valve replacement surgery, the damaged valve is removed and replaced with an artificial valve called a prosthetic valve. With advances in modern surgical techniques, cardiac surgeons now have multiple methods to replace the mitral valve using innovative new prosthetic options. And although mitral valve replacement is generally performed using an open-heart surgical approach, there are minimally invasive options available as well, which is why it’s important to seek care from a high-volume center experienced in all aspects of heart valve surgery.


Valve Repair vs. Replacement

The best option for treating valvular heart disease is to repair the damaged valve rather than replace it. That’s why mitral valve repair surgery is the procedure of choice among Hoag’s expert heart valve surgeons who repair more heart valves than 90 percent of all cardiac programs in the nation. In fact, 95 percent of patients at Hoag who are eligible for valve repair receive it as opposed to heart valve replacement.

However, there are times when performing a successful repair to a patient’s valve is not possible. In this case, valve replacement surgery provides a good option for treating a severely diseased valve.

Hoag physicians are bringing leading-edge mitral valve replacement option to Orange County, as one of the first three sites in the nation enrolling patients in a long-term study called the MOMENTIS study. The study will follow patients who receive the MITRIS RESILIA valve, developed by Edwards Lifesciences. To learn more about the MOMENTIS study at Hoag, please call 949-764-8258 or click here.


Why Choose the Nancy And Bill Thompson Heart Valve Center for Heart Valve Surgery

The decision to perform a specific type of surgery is highly complex and involves a complete evaluation of the patient by an experienced surgeon in order to determine which method will have the best outcome for each individual patient.

At Nancy and Bill Thompson Heart Valve Center, our expert heart valve surgery team provides personalized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Having a specialized team that’s highly trained in all aspects of innovative valve surgery, combined with an emphasis on patient-centered care, is a unique distinction that sets Hoag apart from many other centers and provides patients with the highest quality care, as well as exceptional clinical outcomes.

Hoag’s world-renowned valvular heart disease program continues to lead the way in advanced cardiac care. To schedule an appointment, or for more information, call 949-764-8258.