Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common cancer among women. While a cancer diagnosis can be scary, Hoag will be here to support you every step of the way through diagnosis, treatment and beyond, and our survival rates are better than the national average.*

There are three classes of ovarian cancer, comprised of epithelial, germ cell and stromal cell cancers. The most common type is epithelial, which forms on the surface of the ovary in the epithelial cells, and accounts for more than 85 percent of ovarian cancers.

Germ cell cancers are much less common, accounting for only about five percent of ovarian cancers. Beginning in the cells that form the eggs in the ovaries, it is usually diagnosed in adolescent girls and young women, and typically affects only one ovary.

Stromal cell cancer is just as uncommon, and begins in the cells that produce female hormones and form the connective tissue of the ovary.

It is important to be aware of ovarian cancer risk factors and symptoms, and to see your doctor at the first sign of concern.