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Heart & Vascular

Hoag Gave Jenny Murphy What Her Heart Desired

“We assumed we couldn’t have children. I look at my three kids, and I think, ‘Dr. Raney gave me this.’ He worked so hard and sacrificed time with his family to give me mine.”

Heart & Vascular

Valve Replacement Without Opening the Chest

“I didn’t want open-heart surgery. I am thankful for the development of this technology. I’m living in a wonderful age.”

Heart & Vascular

Living Proof that Hoag Heals Heart to Heart, One

From generation to generation, Hoag has improved — and many times, saved — lives, including mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters. And grandfathers and grandsons. Sean Porter is reminded of that fact every time he looks into his grandfather’s eyes. Bill Porter had a heart attack and subsequent heart surgery by a … Read More

Heart & Vascular

For Valve Repair Patients, Hoag is a Destination

"Everybody here is outstanding."

Women's Health

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Hoag Heals Busy Mom of Two

“Dealing with the pain from my injury hurt me both physically and mentally,” said Peiffer. “Numerous physicians and physical therapists told me they couldn’t help me or that my case was too complicated for them. I felt hopeless.”

Breast Program

Treated Well

“It’s a very comforting place. Even when the radiologists were doing prep for my lumpectomy, one of the technicians put her hand on my shoulder. It was a small thing, but they really relate to you and understand that they might do this 100 times a day, but this is your first time, and it’s scary,” Donna said. “I’m just so grateful to Dr. Khan and the whole team for making it a positive experience. It’s like they wrap a big blanket around you and make you feel like it’s going to be OK.”


Searching for stability: How a Hoag specialist helped patient

Searching for stability: How a Hoag specialist helped patient find answers, get treatment When Virginia Torney started to feel off-balance, she was concerned. The 84-year-old always been active, with pilates, yoga and frequent walks serving as staples in her lifestyle. But three years ago, she started to notice she was walking differently. Virginia at first … Read More


Breast cancer survivor thanks Hoag ‘Dream Team’

To have Dr. Silverstein build a team like that in two hours was astounding to me. I am honored to be his patient.

Hoag is Well Worth the Trip

They were very good at making me feel like I was being taken car e of and I was not just a number
being passed through the system

Gregg S

Hoag is Well Worth the Trip for Santa Barbara Tonsil Cancer Patient