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Clinical Challenges: Treating Breast Cancer in the ‘Very Old’

Should a woman with breast cancer undergo aggressive treatment if she’s age 85, 90, or even older? Specialists say the answer may be yes, depending on the patient’s health status and personal wishes. “If she’s a well person, there’s no reason to hold back treating her cancer,” said Heather Macdonald, MD, medical director of the … Read More

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Katie Couric’s Cancer Diagnosis: 3 Things You Need to Know

Photo courtesy: Andrew Eccles/KCM Katie Couric’s recent revelation that she survived breast cancer has people wondering about their own health. And that’s a good thing. As Couric wrote on her blog: “to reap the benefits of modern medicine, we need to stay on top of our screenings, advocate for ourselves, and make sure everyone has … Read More

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4 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Making the decision to breastfeed has countless benefits for both mom and baby, although sometimes the process can be tricky for new mothers to navigate. Here are 4 tips to help you prepare for a successful breastfeeding experience: Skin-to-skin Bringing your baby to your chest right after they are born not only soothes them and … Read More

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Hoag First Hospital in OC to Enroll Patients in NK Cell Therapy Clinical Trial for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients

  Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian announced that it has enrolled its first two patients in a clinical study evaluating “Natural Killer,” or NK, cell therapy in women with triple-negative breast cancer. Hoag is the first and only site in Orange County enrolling patients in the study. The phase1/b2 open-label study will evaluate the safety and … Read More

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Hoag Trial Spells Hope for Cancer Patients

  Norma Marquez distinctly remembers the day she learned she had breast cancer. “It was May 1, 2018. I was diagnosed on St. Peregrine’s Feast Day,” the 43-year-old Anaheim resident recalled, explaining Peregrine is the Catholic patron saint of cancer sufferers. A biopsy would confirm an abnormality discovered in Marquez’s mammogram and deliver an especially … Read More

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The Exciting Future of AI and Mammography – and Physicians

Headlines around the world the past several months declared that artificial intelligence (AI) is better at detecting breast cancer than human radiologists. Can artificial intelligence really read my own mammogram better than me? That would be intriguing, if it were true. In fact, there are no studies to date proving that AI technology reads mammograms … Read More

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How to Tell Your Children You Have Breast Cancer

Twelve percent of women will get breast cancer at some point in their life. Getting a cancer diagnosis is devastating and will have a huge impact on a woman’s life. What’s foremost on the mind of a mother with breast cancer — helping her children cope along the journey. This, of course, begins with communication. … Read More

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Hoag Nationally Recognized For Breast Centers

Hoag Breast Center is the first and only hospital in Orange County to be named a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence – the highest level of accreditation – by the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program™ (NQMBC™). Recognized for the seventh consecutive year, Hoag Breast Center first received this prestigious designation in 2013 … Read More

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Cancer deaths related to breast implants!

For the past six months headlines like the one above have been peppering the news, social media and the internet, raising questions about cancer risks of breast implants. Congress and the FDA even weighed in with hearings and press releases, as well as letters alerting health practitioners to be on the lookout. What is all … Read More

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MRI Safety in Breast Cancer Screening

The numbers are scary: The average woman has a 12 percent risk of developing breast cancer at some point in her life. For women with certain genetic mutations or risk factors, lifetime risk can climb to 85 percent. Even more terrifying than the numbers, however, are the rumors; rumors that the contrast dye used in … Read More