Hoag Nationally Recognized For Breast Centers

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Hoag Breast Center is the first and only hospital in Orange County to be named a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence – the highest level of accreditation – by the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program™ (NQMBC™).

Recognized for the seventh consecutive year, Hoag Breast Center first received this prestigious designation in 2013 and is one of 57 facilities nationally to hold the “Center of Excellence” distinction, reinforcing Hoag’s position as a national leader in breast cancer care.

“This accreditation is truly a reflection of the comprehensive team at Hoag who are dedicated to providing our community with the highest quality breast cancer care each and every day,” said January Lopez, M.D., Director of Breast Imaging for Hoag Breast Centers. “Whether you are coming in for your annual mammogram or going through breast cancer treatment, Hoag is here to support, advocate for and help you navigate your breast care journey.”

The NQMBC measures a breast center’s performance on select indicators such as timeliness of care for screening and diagnostic mammography, mammography call back rate, patient satisfaction, surgical care, pathology and radiation.

Hoag Breast Centers, in both Newport Beach and Irvine, offer comprehensive breast care services from prevention and screening to diagnostics and treatment. As one of the first facilities in the state to offer Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography), Hoag is dedicated to providing patients access to emerging technologies to help diagnose breast cancer at its earliest stage. Hoag was also one of the first hospitals in California to have a dedicated breast MRI unit.

Additionally, Hoag Breast Centers recently implemented Volpara®Enterprise, a software that helps breast imaging providers deliver high quality, personalized breast screening. The technology is able to provide feedback on positioning and compression, and also gives an objective way to measure breast density.

“We are constantly striving to incorporate the most advanced and impactful technology that benefits our patients by making their experience easier, safer and more precise,” Dr. Lopez said.

To find out more about Hoag Breast Centers and the services available, visit www.hoag.org/specialties-services/breast-program.

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