Specialty Programs

Hoag Pelvic Health Program offers Specialty Programs for women and men that can improve our patient’s rehabilitation experience and promote optimal healing.

While men and women suffer from different pelvic dysfunctions, they can also experience the same issues such as pelvic pain, painful intercourse and bladder & bowel disorders. Additionally, over the years we have noticed our patients come in when suffering from pelvic dysfunctions that stem from other conditions such as cancer or pregnancy. As a result of these patients, we developed specialty programs that can meet the needs of men and women when they have issues beyond bladder & bowel dysfunctions.

Depending on your symptoms and diagnosed condition, we have a unique program and expertly trained staff ready to help you recover as quickly, safely and successfully as possible.

See below for our list of Specialty Programs offerings and click on the link that you would like to learn more about:

  • Bladder & Bowel Health – dedicated therapies for urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Cancer Rehab Therapies – dedicated therapies for women’s cancer and men’s cancer
  • Happy Healthy MOMS – therapies for during and after your pregnancy
  • Sexual Health – sexual dysfunction or pain during intercourse
  • Sports Injury Rehab – chronic pain and orthopedic care
  • Gender Confirmation Program – dedicated therapies for post-surgical transition