Physical Therapy

“Physical therapy for bladder, bowel, or sexual problems??? I didn’t even know that kind of therapy existed!”

So what is that kind of therapy?

Just as you can injure a knee or shoulder, the muscles, nerves, and organs of the pelvic region can sustain injury or irritation through things like birthing a child, hormonal changes, bladder problems, chronic pain disorders, back problems, cancer or even emotional trauma.

Pelvic Floor Therapy uses many of the same treatment techniques and scientific principles that we use on other parts of the body such as the back or neck. For instance, if someone’s pain with sex is due to tension in the muscles or scar tissue (from an episiotomy or tear during childbearing), a pelvic floor therapist can decrease the binding of the scar and release the tension in the muscles. If someone has urine leakage, the therapist can work on the weakened muscles to teach them how to squeeze (kegel) and strengthen that area to avoid leakage.

What to expect from Pelvic Floor PT?

Just as a physical therapist would work inside of the mouth to be able to treat the jaw, specially trained pelvic floor therapists are able to work vaginally or rectally to get the deep muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and organs that can be causing pelvic/vaginal pain or dysfunction. These treatments have been well researched, and are the gold-standard of care for many bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunctions.

Our clinic offers individualized one-on-one treatment that you will not find in a typical Physical Therapy (PT) office. We offer a beautiful, modern facility with spacious PRIVATE treatment rooms. Our patients frequently comment on the comfort they experience in our facility and appreciate the time and quality of therapy.

Our clinic has an excellent reputation for the specialized treatments that are rarely offered in Orange County.