Hoag Compass FAQs

Is my insurance accepted?  

Hoag Compass accepts a wide variety of PPO, HMO, and Medicare plans.

Please note that the listing of provider networks and/or products is provided only for reference purposes. Hoag Compass’ participation is subject to change at the sole discretion of your health plan.

Please contact your health plan directly to confirm the status of Hoag Compass’ current participation in a particular provider network or product which may or may not be listed here. Insurances accepted may vary for certain physicians as noted on the physician’s profile.

For assistance with your insurance questions and to ensure you understand your options for accessing Hoag, please contact Hoag Medical Group’s Personal Service team at 855-450-4HMG (4464).

How do I schedule visits for Compass appointments?

You can book an in-person or virtual appointment within the Compass mobile app based on your needs. You can also reschedule your appointment via the app with ease. If you prefer to speak to a representative for your appointment needs, you are welcome to call to speak directly to them!

Do I have to pay for Compass?

Your free membership allows you to take advantage of the new facility and its services as you would at any other Hoag facility.

Compass Plus is an added service with a low-cost monthly subscription, which gives you a 360-degree holistic approach to health care. Compass Plus gives you access to a 1:1 care coordinator, health coaching, workshops, classes, a premier lounge and much more.

Does membership include the cost of appointments?

Your Hoag membership includes various benefits such as on-demand access to your physician and health coaches. Your membership does not cover medical appointments. The cost of your appointments will vary based on the services you receive.

Is the Compass app available on my mobile device?

The app will be initially be available for Apple iOS users, and the Android app will be coming soon after.


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