Next Steps

On behalf of the entire staff at Hoag, we wish to express our regrets and sympathy for the loss of your loved one. Because this is a painful time and one that is difficult to prepare for, we have compiled a list of resources and information that might be helpful to you during this distressing time.

The first section is to provide you with information about the complex decisions, which you and your family will be faced within the days and weeks to come. The second section will discuss the emotions you and your family may experience as you go through the next steps of coping with your loss.

We understand making decisions can be difficult, so Hoag offers resources to assist you, including support groups, social services and spiritual care. Please feel free to contact social services at 949-764-8585 with any questions or concerns that you may have about your emotional well-being or next steps.

Next Steps Resource Guide – Read about what next steps you should take for preparations and healing. This guide also includes a list of mortuaries and helpful resources.