For Businesses

The success of your business is driven by the strength, performance and productivity of your executive team. You can protect these valuable resources and help them perform at their best with Hoag Executive Health. Specifically designed for the busy executive, our program ensures efficiency, privacy and valuable results.

We are experts at working with business owners and human resource representatives to set-up a program, schedule and plan that makes sense for your business. We realize that each business has specific goals, so we recommend that you invite us to come meet with you in-person to discuss what Hoag Executive Health can do for your business.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Bring the knowledge of Hoag Executive Health to your business with our new “Lunch & Learn” sessions. The Hoag Executive Health team will come meet with you and your executives for a casual and informative lunch meeting to discuss how this program can protect your most valuable assets – your executives. The “Lunch & Learn” program is only available for Southern California businesses. To learn more about the Hoag Executive Health experience, click here.