About Us

Our compassionate care environment promotes recovery.

From the design of the center to the design of our team, our specialists have thought of every detail to help you return to independent or modified independent living. Your treatment team will include:

Physician: Creates a rehabilitation plan and oversees your progress.

Nurse Navigator: Provides assistance to patients and their families, to help them access and navigate through Hoag’s resources as well as the health care system as a whole.

Rehabilitation Nurse: Your primary caregiver who is specialized in rehabilitation.

Social Worker: Supports your emotional needs during your hospital stays.

Patient Care Assistant: Assists the nurse in your care.

Physical Therapist: Helps improve movement, restore function and/or relieve pain.

Occupational Therapist: Helps you improve your ability to perform everyday tasks and activities.

Speech – Language Pathologist: Assesses and treats swallowing disorders, as well as speech, language, and cognitive communication disorders.

Recreational Therapist: Helps improve functionality, independence and well-being through activities such as sports or music.


Other Services

  • Case Management
  • Chaplain Services
  • Dietary Services and Dietician Consults
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiology Services
  • Respiratory Therapy


Patient Outcomes

Hoag’s Acute Rehabilitation Program has served 450+ patients with top rated patient experience and discharge rates.