Customized Rehabilitation Services

Comprehensive, individualized outpatient rehabilitation services at Hoag include:

  • Physical therapy: Improves strength, flexibility, gait and balance
  • Occupational therapy: Improves upper limb function related to daily activities such as hygiene, dressing, home management and writing
  • Speech therapy: Improves clarity and volume level of speech

Hoag also offers specialized programs for evaluating and treating swallowing problems that often accompany PD, supervised exercise and communication classes such as LSVT™ Big and Loud, and driving assessments to ensure safety on the road.

Maintaining balance and flexibility are two key elements that help patients feel better and move more freely. Both are generously addressed through Hoag's comprehensive physical and occupational therapy programs, which offer targeted therapies in gait and balance treatment, including fall-prevention training for patients with difficulty walking.

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Exercise Program: Parkinson's Disease and the Art of Moving

An exercise program for Parkinson's patients aimed at increasing flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination; improving communication, voice power, and speech clarity; delaying the progression of symptoms; and taking steps toward leading a fuller life. This exercise program is based on the principles of John Argue. Learn more about the Exercise Program​​.

Time: Tuesdays 1:15-2:45pm

Place: Hoag Health Center - Newport Beach; 520 Superior Avenue

Parking: Complimentary parking

Teacher: Hoag occupational or physical therapist

What to wear: Comfortable clothing you wouldn't mind being on the floor in.**Please be aware that if you require assistance for transfers, you will need to have your caregiver with you during the class.

To register for this class, please contact Hoag Hospital Rehabilitation Services at 949-764-5645.

You will be asked to provide your physician's name and address so that a medical release can be obtained.