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A life-saving service: The Hereditary Cancer Program at Hoag

​Many people worry about hereditary cancer, especially if they have a close family member who has had cancer. Although most cancers are not hereditary, in some families a predisposition to cancer is passed down from one generation to the next, with about one in 10 cancer patients having hereditary cancer. It is also important to … Read More


Assessing Your Brain Health: It’s a Family Affair

When you first meet Laguna Beach resident, David Johnson (DJ), his upbeat personality and positive attitude is immediately apparent. Equally transparent is his fondness toward his father, Ken. “He is my best friend and a much better tennis player than I will ever be,” says DJ. Ken is an active 83-year old Corona del Mar … Read More


Acting Fast is the Key to Treating Stroke

Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in adults. The good news is, the faster you seek medical treatment, the better your chance of a full recovery. This was the case for Fountain Valley resident Susie Chew. Susie, a 62-year-old computer programmer, returned to work on Monday morning after a week-long vacation. Getting back … Read More


From a Walker to Walking Freely and Without Pain in One Day

From a life of near paralysis to snatching a 230-pound halibut out of Alaskan waters in less than two weeks is a story Darwin Beckel will always tell. “I was suffering severely because of spinal stenosis,” said Darwin, who had undergone unsuccessful back surgery at another hospital in 2010, and decided to contact Dr. Burak … Read More


Pro-Active Patient of Lewy Body Disease Experiencing Success

Steve Heins tried to cover up his symptoms of Lewy Body Disease, but his Eagle Scout son, Robert, was not about to let his father lose his mind. Steve’s wife, Gincy, will never forget the day – her birthday, Oct. 11, 2009 – when 12-year-old Robert came home and revealed to his mother that dad … Read More


Retired Firefighter Says Dr. Ozgur ‘Does Miracles’

​Burak Ozgur, M.D., is the neurosurgeon Ray Macken had been waiting for. For years, Ray, 71, didn’t talk about his back pain. A firefighter in the days when firefighters didn’t have much job security, Ray figured that if he complained about his back, he’d likely get laid off. Once he retired he began seeking help, … Read More

The Only Doctor Kristy Needs

​At one point, Kristy Mandigo was seeing 15 different specialists. Then she met David Millett, M.D., Ph.D. Now she’s just seeing one. Born with right sided hemiplegia and spastic cerebral palsy, Kristy Mandigo was never expected to walk normal, talk normal or graduate from elementary school. She didn’t learn how to read (conventionally) until she … Read More

Feeling Like Herself Again

“It was the first day that I was up and functional,” she says. “I finally feel like myself.”

Patient finds Kindred Spirit in Dr. David Millett

Samantha Estock was just 12-years-old when the seizures began. Sometimes they’d come in rapid succession – as many as three per minute. Sometimes she’d get as many as 200 seizures in one day. The seizures sapped her energy, and dramatically altered her life but Samantha said they also made her a more compassionate person. The … Read More

Women's Health

Fibroids Eliminated Through Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Cathy Nishimoto has been a long time patient of Obstetrician/Gynecologist Jonathan Wheeler, M.D. “He is one of the best there is in his field and at what he does,” shares Cathy. “He is detail-oriented, extremely thorough and takes into account the big picture. He always has time for questions and shows appropriate concern for his … Read More