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Lifelong Care, for Generations

Gina was born at Hoag more than 50 years ago, and though she spent much of her childhood bouncing around the country, she returned to Newport Beach right after high school to live with her grandmother.

As a college student, Gina was her grandmother’s caregiver, taking her to doctor’s appointments, hospital visits and the occasional trip to the Emergency Department. She was always impressed with the level of services Hoag provided for aging patients—and the care and attention her grandmother received.

“Everyone always greeted my grandmother with warmth,” Gina said. “That’s the word I associate with Hoag. Warmth. They’re a great hospital, but they are also kind, and you can tell that the people who work there really care about their patients.”

When Gina prepared for a family of her own, she knew one thing for sure: she wanted to deliver at Hoag.

“Since I was a ‘Hoagie,’ I wanted my kids to be ‘Hoagies’ too,” she said. “They really listen to women, to what mothers want out of their birthing experience.”

Hoag brings more babies into the world than any other hospital in Orange County. It is both home to luxurious birthing suites—as well as a Level-III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). This means that no matter
what, Hoag is prepared to care for newborns and new parents.

“Thankfully, I had great birthing experiences with both my son and daughter, but it was just reassuring to know that Hoag had the resources available, should I need them,” she said.

As a mom, Gina was no stranger to Hoag’s Urgent Cares and nationally-recognized pediatricians. Middle-of-the-night fevers. Bumps. Bruises. Broken limbs. Hoag was there through it all, with compassion, skill and expertise.

“Hoag was a real partner for me, especially when you’re a young mom and you need that extra guidance,” she said. “Hoag empowered me to grow as a caregiver to my grandmother and as a parent to my children. This is what I want for my kids when they’re ready to start families of their own.”

“Hoag is the only place I think of when I need care,” Gina said. “As I think about caring for my grandmother or my kids when they were younger—or me and my husband as we grow older, Hoag is where I want to be.”