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Leading the Way in Shoulder Surgery at Hoag Orthopedic Institute

If you’ve experienced pain in your shoulder, from lifting, reaching or vigorous exercise, then you understand how debilitating a shoulder injury is.

As an orthopedic-only hospital and ambulatory surgery center network in Orange County, Hoag Orthopedic Institute performs a high volume of shoulder surgeries and the most total shoulder replacement and revision surgeries in Orange County. This means our specialty trained staff and surgeons are well equipped to handle even the most complex of cases with high quality outcomes.

“We designed our team at HOI around orthopedics-only care because when you have a group of experienced surgeons in each modality, and nurses, therapists, anesthesiologists all work together, you naturally have better outcomes,” shared HOI founding sports medicine and shoulder surgeon Russell Petrie, M.D. “Shoulder surgery is a true core competency at HOI and as such, we are able to evolve and perform higher
quality surgeries that didn’t exist five to 10 years ago.”

Some of the evolutions in shoulder care, specifically with shoulder replacements, have been with anesthesia and nerve blocks before surgery to minimize post-operative pain, advances in arthroscopic techniques and implants, as well as CT and MRI-based modeling technology to improve accuracy.

“While advances in anesthesia has made surgery far less painful, the improvement in arthroscopic techniques and better implants have led to quicker recovery and better outcomes,” shares HOI shoulder surgeon Daniel DeBottis, M.D. “It’s important to have a discussion with your shoulder specialist regarding your diagnosis and treatment options to dispel any concerns because not all shoulder problems and surgeries are the same.”

Another key differentiator HOI offers is pre-surgery education and discharge preparation from their expert physical and occupational therapists.

“Since inception, HOI has viewed PT and OT as vital to the success of patients as they continue to recover at home,” shares Jennifer Brandon, PT, physical therapy program manager. “We treat patients as a whole and address their individual needs to assure they are set up for success at home, focusing on one-arm limitations in addition to any other needs they may have such as balance.”

This comprehensive team approach in addition to dedicated expertise is what continues to set HOI apart.

“The shoulder joint is the most mobile and complex joint and requires great skill and technique to get superior outcomes,” shares sports medicine and shoulder surgeon Taylor Dunphy, M.D. “We use
cutting edge technology and are consistently working to improve the outcomes of shoulder patients.”

HOI shoulder and elbow expert Hafiz Kassam, M.D., also emphasizes that it’s important to seek care for shoulder pain with a specialized shoulder expert.

“It is important intervene at the right time when it comes to your shoulder because otherwise surgeries may become more complicated,” Dr. Kassam shared. “When you seek the care of a shoulder expert who has that additional fellowship training, or a revision expert, they are able to treat you more effectively.”

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