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Dedicated Breast Radiologists Set Hoag Breast Cancer Care Apart

Designated as OC’s first and only Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence, Hoag offers seven screening and diagnostic mammography locations, including three comprehensive Hoag Breast Centers in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. Each is equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the- art diagnostic imaging technology available, including 3D mammography, breast MRI and breast ultrasound.

“Having the best technology is only half the equation for world-class care, because even the most sophisticated tools produce poor quality results when in the wrong hands. Hoag has one of the largest teams of fully subspecialized, fellowship trained breast radiologists in OC” said January Lopez, M.D., director of Breast Imaging at the Hoag Breast Center.

Treatment: When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, Hoag is here with everything they need – from hundreds of clinical trials only offered at the top institutes in the world, to surgical options that are not available anywhere else in the region.

  • Hoag’s Molecular Imaging & Therapy Program is the only program of its kind in Orange County, using the most sensitive imaging methods to date, to detect and treat cancer at a molecular level.
  • Hoag helped pioneer and now leads in intraoperative radiation therapy and breast conservation surgery using oncoplastic surgery techniques.
  • State-of-the-art infusion treatment centers with compassionate oncology certified nurses Hoag’s extended breast cancer support team is nationally recognized and includes breast cancer nurse navigators, genetic counselors, certified oncology nurses, licensed clinical social workers and others who provide the support women need as they navigate their journey to survivorship.
  • Hoag’s Breast Cancer Survivorship program embraces women with the care and attention they deserve pre and post cancer treatment. From surveillance to prevent cancer recurrence to lifestyle changes, stress reduction, sleep and sexual health tips, Hoag offers integrative therapies to help women regain their vitality and thrive.

Prevention: Early detection saves lives, and skilled medical teams preserve quality of life. But our true goal is prevention. At Hoag, we are Orange County’s leader in using genetic screening to identify high-risk patients, guiding women to the changes and choices that could help them to avoid disease altogether.

“The Hoag Early Risk Assessment program and the Hoag Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention program are delivering on the promise of personalized medicine, identifying high-risk women through breast cancer risk assessment, genetic testing and genetic counseling,” said Heather Macdonald, M.D., medical director of the High-Risk Program.

“We meet families who have seen a significant amount of loss, and there is a lot of fear,” Dr. Macdonald said. “We let women know that there are things we can do to mitigate the risk, stress and anxiety. We give them power over the thing that they are afraid of and provide a robust team to stand beside them.”