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Hoag Medical Group: Your Partner for Health

I was thrilled to join Hoag Medical Group. Having researched the top health care organizations in Orange County, I was impressed that Hoag had the reputation as a leader in innovation and services, not to mention being named the highest ranked hospital in Orange County. For me, as a family medicine physician with Hoag Medical Group, it means I can offer my patients access to the best care possible. I am honored with this responsibility to help my patients shape a care plan that best serves their health and wellness goals.

When you select a HMG doctor as your primary care physician, you instantly access physicians in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, as well as our in-office specialists practicing in allergy & immunology, acupuncture, diabetes and endocrinology, geriatrics, infectious disease, palliative medicine, sports medicine, rheumatology, HIV medicine and travel medicine.

HMG offers online scheduling, extended hours, and access to Hoag Urgent Care. HMG patients also have access to our care management team which provides the continuity of care you deserve. Should you require specialized care, Hoag is home to some of the most advanced health care innovations in the nation, including genetics, cancer treatments, clinical trials, the use of virtual reality in diagnostics and surgery and so much more.

Your HMG doctor can provide you with seamless access throughout the Hoag system. This includes:

  • Hoag Health & Wellness Centers: Ten locations that provide comprehensive medical and ancillary services including physical therapy, imaging, laboratory services, nutrition counseling, sleep health, and more, right in your community.
  • Urgent Cares: With 15 convenient locations offering extended and weekend hours, Hoag urgent cares provide the care you need, where and when you need it.
  • Nationally recognized specialist physicians practicing in more than 54 specialties.

Your PCP is your guide to all of health care. Your Hoag Medical Group PCP is your guide to all of Hoag.

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By Christopher Shin, M.D.