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20,000 Robotic Surgeries and Counting

Hoag recently announced it has performed 20,000 robotic surgeries – a milestone achieved by only 10 other medical centers across the U.S.

With the highest-volume robotic surgical program of any hospital in the state and the 18th highest-volume nationally, Hoag is a renowned leader in this advanced field of medicine with 12 surgical specialties, almost 70 nurses and surgical technicians and 47 surgeons contributing to the program.

Robotic surgery has allowed Hoag surgeons to achieve better precision, fewer complications, less blood loss and faster recovery than traditional options.

While robotics is still just one tool in a surgeon’s toolbox, this computer-assisted surgical technology is becoming the standard of care for many procedures in a range of treatment areas at Hoag, including cancer, women’s, cardiovascular, thoracic and general surgery.

Hoag currently has nine da Vinci® robots, each one paid for by philanthropy, at its two hospital campuses.