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Quality and Transparency - Additional Links

CMS - Medicare


Hospital Compare displays rates for Process of Care measures that show whether or not hospitals across the U.S. provide some of the care that is recommended for patients being treated for a heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, asthma (children only) or patients having surgery. Hospitals voluntarily submit data from medical records about the treatments their patients receive for these conditions. The data include patients with Medicare, those enrolled in Medicare health plans, and those who don’t have Medicare.

Cal-Hospital Compare


California Hospitals on this website are rated on several aspects of health care quality including the effectiveness and timeliness of care; patient experience with overall, medical, surgical, and maternity care; and how often hospitals follow recommended patient safety practices. In addition, readmissions and hospital length of stay, indicators of hospital efficiency, are reported.



HealthGrades, Inc. is a U.S. company that develops and markets quality and safety ratings of health care providers. Quality ratings are devised from publicly available patient safety data and analyzed with proprietary technology developed by HealthGrades. Hospital ratings reports for specific procedures and diagnoses are compiled primarily from Medicare claim data, and include all hospitals that are Medicare participants.

Leapfrog Group for Patient Safety


The Leapfrog Group is a voluntary program aimed at mobilizing employer purchasing power to alert America’s health industry that big leaps in health care safety, quality and customer value will be recognized and rewarded. Among other initiatives, Leapfrog works with its employer members to encourage transparency and easy access to health care information as well as rewards for hospitals that have a proven record of high quality care.