The Daisy Award

What is the DAISY award?

The DAISY award for extraordinary nurses is to honor the superhuman work nurses do for patients and their families every day. The award was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of Patrick Barnes who passed away at the age of 33 years old of ITP, an auto-immune disease. The Barnes family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created a national award to say thank you to nurses everywhere.

How are award winners selected?

Every month the Nursing Professional Development Council meet to discuss all DAISY award nominations and select a recipient for the award. Each council member reviews and votes for an extraordinary nurse who has gone above and beyond for his/her patient. The nominations received every month are submitted by patients and their family members, Physicians and colleagues who have recognized the passion, dedication and level of care a nurse has provided.

Nominate a Nurse today by filling out the attached nomination form.