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Minimally invasive aneurysm surgery saves lives

April 6, 2012 Dr. Michael Brant-Zawadzki   Your brain is where you live, where you tuck away your memories. It moves you, both figuratively – with your aspirations and big ideas – and literally, by directing you to place one foot in front of the other. But what’s really going on up there? I’m aneuroradiologist. … Read More

Executive Health

Expert wound care at Hoag

Hoag Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center offers state-of-the-art outpatient clinical wound management. At the new center, located at Hoag Health Center-Newport Beach, at 520 Superior Ave., suite 140, each patient receives a thorough diagnostic exam to identify the type of wound and its underlying causes. A patient with a wound that is not healing … Read More


Dr. Greg Angstreich explains the signs of melanoma.

Most melanomas develop as superficial tumors which grow along the skin surface. To help differentiate a melanoma from a benign, pigmented skin lesion, we use the acronym ABCDE.     A – Asymmetry: Look for growths in which one half doesn’t match the other half.   B – Borders: Look for irregular borders with edges … Read More


Understanding a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is not always easy to understand and manage on your own. Hoag Multiple Sclerosis Center not only offers the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options available, but also includes a dedicated nurse navigator to provide personalized care and attention to you and your family during diagnosis and treatment. “A … Read More


Are those memory lapses a sign of something serious?

March 31, 2012 Barbara Venezia   The other day I was looking for something in my office. I couldn’t remember where I put it. Granted my office is a bit messy, and some level of absent-mindedness is expected these days. I’m multi-tasking like crazy so isn’t an occasional brain-fart normal?  But are these lapses in … Read More

Executive Health

Employee Appreciation

Combating Preventable Illnesses to Improve the Health of Employees is Good for Your Company’s Bottom Line Investing in employee health can show greater appreciation for workers in a way pay and benefits, although appreciated in other ways, fall short. A soda machine in the office break room or bottomless bowl of candy on the reception … Read More

Heart & Vascular

Hoag Heart and Vascular Institute in Irvine

As one of the preeminent cardiovascular centers on the west Coast,The Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart and Vascular Institute (HHVI) remains the highest quality and volume cardiovascular program in Orange County. with the opening of Hoag Hospital Irvine, HHVI will continue to lead the way by delivering the highest level of care, expert medical leadership and … Read More

Executive Health

Wellness Programs 101

Why Companies Consider Wellness Program Solutions for Employee Health “Wellness” is the new buzzword when it comes to corporate health. Whether it is describing lack of illness, encouraging positive choices for personal health or maintaining work-life balance among employees, wellness is here to stay. The corporate world has seen a drastic rise in wellness programs … Read More

Featured News

Hoag launches new affordable care joint initiative

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach has undertaken a new coordinated care model in partnership with Blue Shield of California and Greater Newport Physicians. The three-year accountable care initiative aims to provide approximately 11,000 Blue Shield HMO policy members in Orange County with integrated, cost-efficient healthcare.   The program will launch on July 1 … Read More

Executive Health

Managing Sick Leave and Presenteeism

Know Your Company’s Absentee Profile and the Most Promising Trends A company appreciates its dedicated employees – those who arrive early, leave late, proactive with projects, exceed expectations – but when a worker continues to work in the office when fighting off illness, he or she inadvertently lowers the bottom line of a business. Presenteeism … Read More