Swimming and Surfing Safety

Don’t Drink and Drown – Avoid Alcohol at the Beach”

Nationally, a leading cause of aquatic fatalities and major traumas for young adults is alcohol. At the beach, it is not good enough to know when to say when. Simply put, water and alcohol is a dangerous cocktail because:

  • Alcohol Impairs Judgment – Alcohol distorts your perception of risk, and your own abilities
  • Alcohol Increases Risk Taking Behavior – Alcohol removes inhibitions, leaving you more likely to take greater, potentially life-threatening risks.
  • Alcohol Reduces Coordination – Alcohol numbs the senses, particularly sight, sound and touch. Unsteadiness and inability to swim or maintain buoyancy is a recipe for disaster.
  • Alcohol Impairs Reaction Time – Alcohol is a depressant, reducing the rate at which the brain processes information. In the ocean, a quick response is vital for survival.

Surfing Safety

  1. Always surf with others, and learn how to help fellow surfers if an accident happens.
  2. Always wipeout or fall on your butt. Protect your head and neck when you fall.
  3. Use the proper equipment at the beach. Use a leash when surfing and always use fins when body surfing/surfing.
  4. Know your limits. Don’t paddle out if you are not prepared for the conditions.
  5. Plan your entry and exit.
  6. Always hold onto your board when going under waves to prevent it from hurting someone else.