Missing Persons

Kids wander. Always actively supervise children at the beach!

There are a lot of people at the beach, and the constantly changing crowds can be overwhelming. Children require constant supervision to avoid being separated. Take note of these lifeguard recommendations to prevent you from being separated from your children:

1. Teach children to go to the nearest lifeguard if they are lost.

Teach kids that lifeguards are “safe strangers” who are there to help in case something goes wrong. Make sure that children are able to give the lifeguard their name, the name of a parent and ideally, a phone number if they are lost.

2. Report to the nearest lifeguard if a member of your group goes missing.

Lifeguards are accustomed to helping reunite lost family members at the beach. The lifeguard towers and trucks are connected by phones and radios, and will be able to help you search much faster.

Memorize what the children are wearing and keep recent photos of children in case they become separated. An easy way to do this is by taking a family photo with your cell phone at the start of your visit to the beach.

3. Select a landmark to serve as a meeting point if anyone gets separated.

Typically, a good landmark will be the nearest lifeguard tower.