Reproductive Health Care Services

Access to comprehensive health services for women is a priority and Hoag provides the full scope of women’s reproductive and family planning services.


What reproductive and family planning services does Hoag provide women?

Women have access to the following reproductive and family planning services at Hoag Women’s Health Institute:

  • Contraception including counseling, prescribing, placement of LARC (long-acting reversible contraception i.e., IUD) and dispensation of emergency contraception
  • Management of ectopic pregnancy
  • Management of blighted ovum, threatened, incomplete and inevitable miscarriage
  • Management of non-viable pregnancy (lack of fetal cardiac activity)
  • Pregnancy termination (medical and non-medical)
  • Emergency services for women experiencing complications related to pregnancy termination at other facilities
  • Permanent sterilization including postpartum tubal ligation, ligation at time of cesarean delivery, laparoscopic tubal ligation/coagulation/transection, hysteroscopic tubal occlusion

What are the options to terminate a pregnancy at Hoag?

Hoag does provide abortion services as part of a broad array of family planning services. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, there are different abortion options. These include medical abortion and surgical abortion. Our Abortions and Family Planning Resources page provides additional resources outside of Hoag for patients and physicians.

Where can I learn more about your reproductive care policies?

Information is available on our website here. We also recommend that patients talk with their provider.