Radiation Oncology


Radiation oncology is an integral component of Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s comprehensive care. With the full spectrum of treatment options, Hoag’s specialized team customizes radiation therapy to each patient’s unique case. Hoag radiation oncologists closely coordinate with referring physician specialists, providing an integrated team approach including 12 site-specific tumor board meetings per week.

Over 100 patients are treated each day at the Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach and Hoag Cancer Center Irvine, making Hoag the largest provider of radiation therapy in Orange County.


Hoag’s Radiation Oncology team brings the highest level of skill and experience in the delivery of radiation therapy. While other radiation oncology facilities offer one treatment machine, Hoag’s Radiation Oncology department maintains an extensive range of equipment – including four different linear accelerators. Radiation technology evolves quickly, and the department is committed to staying on the leading edge and incorporating the newest innovations.

The department offers:

  • High Dose Rate Brachytherapy – The Elekta Flexitron HDR brachytherapy system provides a treatment option for GYN tumors and other intracavitary implants. It is the latest HDR technology available.
  • 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT) utilizes three dimensional information of the patient to treat
    the tumor while sparing the surrounding normal tissues at the same time.
  • Cranial and Extracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy with Cyberknife® and Gamma Knife Perfexion™ – These highly specialized machines are designed to treat cranial and extracranial tumor sites with very high fractional doses. Cyberknife also provides tracking capability to treat moving targets such as tumors in the lung and prostate.
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) – Elekta linear accelerators and Hoag’s TomoTherapy® machine provide imaging guided radiation therapy using 2D/2D matching, 3D CBCT, or both to locate and treat the tumor precisely.
  • Intensity Modulated RadioTherapy (IMRT) and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) – Hoag’s state-of-the-art treatment machines, Elekta Versa HD™, Elekta Agility™, and TomoTherapy, along with sophisticated treatment planning software systems deliver intensity modulated radiation therapy in order to spare normal tissues while prescribing dose to the tumor site(s). Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) is one of the cutting-edge technologies for this type of treatment planning and delivery.

    The Elekta Versa HD is one of the newest and most advanced linear accelerators on the market. Its high dose rate means treatment times are typically under ten minutes. The Hexapod iGuide Couch (6D) of the machine adjusts the patient during each treatment into the exact location with submillimeter accuracy. Hoag’s is one of the first in North America.
  • Superficial Radiation Therapy is a low energy radiation therapy modality specially designed to treat non-melanoma skin lesions while protecting the underlining normal tissues.

  • Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) – Hoag was the first to offer Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) for the treatment of breast cancer. XOFT is a dedicated IORT machine treating breast cancer right after lumpectomy surgery while the patient is still in the operating room. Over 1,150 IORT procedures have been performed at Hoag (as of June 2018) since the program started in 2012, which is more than any single hospital facility in the United States.

  • Dedicated big bore and high-speed CT Scanners, one in Newport Beach and one in Irvine, are fitted specifically for radiation therapy and capable of 4D CT simulation. The specially designed larger bore means patients can be identically positioned for CT and treatment.

  • A dedicated ultrasound for SpaceOAR® with enhanced imaging capabilities aids in the protection of the rectum during prostate radiation. Hoag was the first non-academic medical center on the West Coast to offer SpaceOAR and is one of a small number of facilities in Southern California to routinely provide it.

  • MIM software allows for CT, MRI, and PET fusion capabilities, a useful tool to help physicians make the best clinical decisions for individual patients.


Delivering state-of-the-art radiation therapy is only possible with a highly trained, specialized team. Under the leadership of Medical Director Craig Cox, M.D., Hoag’s team is comprised of three additional board-certified radiation oncologists – Peter Chen, M.D., Brian Kim, M.D., and Kevin Lin, M.D. – four board-certified medical physicists, four board-certified medical dosimetrists led by Jay Zheng, Ph.D., D.A.B.R., chief medical physicist, licensed radiation therapists certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, and registered nurses, most of whom are members of the Oncology Nursing Society and credentialed as Oncology Certified Nurses. The radiation oncologists collaborate with medical oncologists, oncologic surgeons and other specialists on multidisciplinary care and attend all of Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s site-specific tumor boards, participating in the development of multidisciplinary treatment plans.


Taking time to understand the needs of each individual patient, the radiation oncology team links patients to Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s Integrated Cancer Support Services ensuring each patient receives the support they need during treatment. A major benefit to patients receiving radiation therapy at Hoag is the ability to access the full spectrum of supportive services including genetic counseling, social services, financial navigation, nurse navigators, and palliative care in the same location as their radiation treatment.

Side effect management and education offerings including on-site lymphedema specialists, oncology dietitians, and speech and swallowing therapists help patients prevent or reduce radiation side effects.

Excellent customer service is a priority as evidenced by Hoag’s Radiation Oncology Department being ranked in the top 1% of outpatient facilities nationwide in the Press Ganey® overall patient satisfaction ratings. The department also received the Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative Award of Excellence (in 2012).

For more information call: 949-722-6237