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Hoag's Precision Medicine Program

Hoag’s Precision Medicine Program combines genomics and genetics to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. Using the latest advances in genomic technologies, targeted therapies and research, our precision medicine program brings together a multidisciplinary team, including a robust genetic counseling group of experts, to provide patients with the latest in innovation and technology. Meet the Precision Medicine Team.

Hoag Family Cancer Institute Genetic Counselors

Hoag Family Cancer Institute provides a dedicated team of genetic counselors that offer hereditary cancer assessment, offering risk assessment and genetic cancer testing to those with a personal or family history of cancer. Learn more and meet the team.

Hoag Family Cancer Institute Social Workers

Being diagnosed with cancer can feel overwhelming at times. Many patients and their families need help with coping and can benefit from supportive counseling. Oncology Clinical Social Workers are available to provide emotional and practical support during all stages of cancer including diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment survivorship. Find out more and meet our team.

Hoag Family Cancer Institute Dietitians

Hoag Family Cancer Institute dietitians work closely with patients’ physicians, nurses, therapists, and social workers to ensure complete care. Find out more and meet our team.