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Hoag Embarks on Major Reinvestment in its Acclaimed Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (August 30, 2021) – Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, already Orange County’s top-ranked cancer center, today announced a major reinvestment in its facilities and treatment technologies as it continues to deepen its breadth of expertise, in turn bringing new hope to patients battling a host of cancers.

“From remarkably innovative technology, to reconfigured spaces that enhance patient treatment and recovery, to recruiting world-renowned specialists, Hoag’s cancer center is modeling the future of health care, right here in Orange County,” said Burton L. Eisenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S., executive medical director of Hoag Family Cancer Institute and the Grace E. Hoag Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair.

Eisenberg added: “The world’s understanding of cancer, including its underlying genetic and environmental risk factors and most effective treatment regimens, is changing rapidly. This major reinvestment in our cancer center reflects Hoag’s commitment to not only keep up with these changes, but to remain a leader in pioneering responses to them.”

The year-long reinvestment, which is supported by $9M in philanthropic funds, begins late August and involves significant renovations and expansion at the Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center at Hoag’s Newport Beach location. The state-of-the-art cancer center will enable Hoag to continue to provide highly personalized and innovative care in a newly constructed space that focuses on the patient experience, Eisenberg explained.

The newly constructed space will feature additional exam rooms, infusion center chairs, and a deep focus on the patient and how Hoag can provide a truly patient-centered approach to treatment and access to physician specialists.

In addition to its top ranking in Orange County, Hoag is ranked among the nation’s top 10 percent of cancer centers by U.S. News & World Report. These top rankings are enabling Hoag to attract renowned cancer specialists who are shedding new light on cancer causes and care – and bringing newfound optimism to the thousands of patients who come to Hoag for treatment.

“The entire cancer-care team at Hoag – in fact, the entire Hoag organization – is committed to unsurpassed patient care. The uncommonly strong and united commitment that permeates Hoag is a major reason I was so eager to come here,” said Gary Ulaner, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.N.M., James & Pamela Muzzy Endowed Chair in Molecular Imaging and Therapy, who recently joined Hoag Family Cancer Institute as director of Molecular Imaging and Therapy. “Cancer is a medical puzzle, and our entire team at Hoag is determined to put all of the pieces together, no matter how long it takes or how challenging it is. Every one of our patients is unique, and this reinvestment will enable us to more fully tailor the care we provide by giving us the very best medical resources available anywhere.”

Before coming to Hoag, Dr. Ulaner was previously with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where he served as the PET/CT expert on the Breast Cancer Disease Management Team. Dual board-certified in radiology and nuclear medicine, he is a nationally recognized expert in the use of targeted imaging to help direct focused cancer therapies. He leads several National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical trials in molecular imaging and therapeutics, including two active NIH R01 grants, and has received more than $8 million in extramural funding, including generous philanthropic support from Hoag Hospital Foundation donors

Currently, Hoag is conducting more than 100 clinical trials in cancer. Among them are trials focused on pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with a five-year survival rate of just 5 percent. Eisenberg pointed to numerous developments in Hoag’s nationally renowned Pancreatic Cancer Program as an example of the hospital’s leadership in cancer care. Among them:

  • Natural Killer Cell Therapy: Hoag is the only hospital in Orange County – and one of only three sites in the nation – to offer this immunotherapy drug in a clinical trial for pancreatic cancer. This type of treatment is being studied for other types of cancer treatment as well and is showing promising results. Patients are traveling from across the U.S. and from far away as London to participate in the trial.
  • ViewRay MRIdian Linear Accelerator: This is the most advanced and accurate radiation oncology machine in the US and Hoag is the only hospital in OC to offer this. The ViewRay is used in the NK Cell Therapy trial.
  • Anita Erickson Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Program: Hoag is one of the few early detection programs in the nation. Patients enrolled in the program receive ongoing imaging and surveillance to try to catch this elusive cancer early.
  • Pancreatic Cyst Surveillance Program: Incidental findings of pancreatic cysts are at an all-time high. In the only program of its kind in Orange County, Hoag developed, and has had numerous research papers accepted, on a surveillance program for pancreatic cysts. Hoag is utilizing molecular testing on the cyst fluid to determine if it is cancerous, pre-cancerous, or benign. Patients are then monitored to determine peace of mind; Hoag also tracks any progress to determine if further care is needed.


Hoag is a nonprofit, regional health care delivery network in Orange County, California, that treats more than 30,000 inpatients and 460,000 outpatients annually. Hoag consists of two acute-care hospitals – Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, which opened in 1952, and Hoag Hospital Irvine, which opened in 2010 – in addition to nine health centers and 14 urgent care centers. Hoag has invested $261 million in programs and services to support the underserved community within the past five years, including areas like mental health, homelessness, transportation for seniors, education, and support for single mothers. Hoag is a designated Magnet® hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Hoag offers a comprehensive blend of health care services that includes six institutes providing specialized services in the following areas: cancer, digestive health, heart and vascular, neurosciences, women’s health, and orthopedics through Hoag’s affiliate, Hoag Orthopedic Institute, which consists of an orthopedic hospital and four ambulatory surgical centers. In the 2021 - 2022 U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Rankings, Hoag is the highest ranked hospital in Orange County and the only OC hospital ranked in the Top 10 in California. For an unprecedented 23 years, residents of Orange County have chosen Hoag as one of the county’s best hospitals in a local newspaper survey. Visit www.hoag.org for more information.


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