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E-cigarettes trend not the breath of fresh air it seems

When a colleague introduced me to the electronic cigarette, I thought it was an ingenious idea. Also known as an e-cigarette, it’s a battery-powered device capable of creating a chemical vapor that is said to deliver nicotine in a less harmful way. My colleague, a smoker for more than 20 years, said this was the … Read More

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How Crossing Your Legs Hurts Your Heart

?You eat well, you exercise, and you even get the right amount of sleep (most nights, anyway; no one’s perfect). But chances are, you’ve got some other little habits that are costing you in the health department—without you even knowing. Check out these 10 hidden health risks, and simple ways to fix them. You cross … Read More

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Advice for hospital visitors with the flu: Please stay home

To prevent a bad flu season from becoming worse, some Orange County health providers have put in place several restrictions in recent weeks, most of them common-sense requests of visitors who might unknowingly spread the virus. “If you’re ill, please come to the hospital,” said Dr. Philip Robinson, medical director of infection prevention and hospital … Read More

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Spark of Innovation: Dan Nadeau

What project/research are you working on? My book, “The Color Code, A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health,” is about the health benefits of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The book has helped spark a well-deserved interest in how foods like blueberries, carrots, kale and avocados reverse aging and the fight chronic conditions such as … Read More

Breast Program

You're a Cancer Survivor: Now What?

Diagnosis of cancer can often permeate all aspects of a person's life. Your normal daily routine can suddenly be replaced by an exhausting whirlwind of doctors' appointments, treatments, tests, visitors, medications and insurance red tape. With all the focus and energy you've placed on cancer treatment, you probably never spent much time thinking about what … Read More

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Commentary: Don't waste the final moments

Seven weeks before he died, my father gathered my mother and us four children for a conversation at his home. His battle with multiple myeloma was clearly being lost. Compression fractures in his spine had shrunk his 6-foot-1 frame to 5-foot-8. He had lost 40 pounds and the use of one eye. He was diagnosed … Read More

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Two Blonds: What's that smell

Body odor. It’s an important beauty topic that, sadly, gets little attention. So Two Blonds, having a nose for adventure, consulted two doctors, visited the drugstore and sniffed out what you need to know about three key odor-producing areas of your body. We stuck to over-the-counter products. Such treatments as Botox and prescription meds are … Read More

Diabetes Center

Toshiba Skills Challenge Benefits Hoag Hospital's Diabetes Clinic

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Toshiba Classic executive director Jeff Purser must be spending more time on the golf course than anyone realizes. Purser’s clutch chip shot to within 18 inches of the cup earned his team the two points needed to edge Esteban Toledo’s team in the first annual Toshiba Skills Challenge competition at Newport Beach Country … Read More

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The Bond girl and her very public stroke

?Her left arm flailed as if she was trying to wipe something off the airplane window with her elbow. From across the aisle, her mother couldn’t figure out what she was doing. Neither could Lynn-Holly Johnson. Her arm was acting as if it had a mind of its own. When the plane landed at John … Read More

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Groundbreaking Treatment for GERD Patients

Hoag is pleased to offer the new and revolutionary LINX Reflux Management System, an FDA approved device that treats GERD symptoms and stop reoccurrence.? Read about the benefits of this short outpatient procedure, and why you should choose Hoag for your care.Click here?