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Newport Beach Emergency Department Expansion Will Feature Dedicated ‘Fast Track’ Space

To meet the needs of a growing community, Hoag’s Newport Beach Joan & Andy Fimiano Emergency Department is expanding – and improving the patient experience. Among the new features that patients will notice when the expansion opens in 2024 is a dedicated ED Fast Track site, which is designed to serve low acuity patients with non-urgent medical issues. The site will include:

  • 11 exam spaces (10 bays + 1 private room)
  • 1 results waiting lounge
  • 1 clinical core/support

“The idea of a ‘fast track’ is to get people in and seen more quickly and efficiently. This benefits both the low acuity patients, and the patients experiencing more life-threatening conditions,” said Robert T. Braithwaite, Hoag president and CEO. “While the community has access to excellent care through Hoag Urgent Care facilities, a significant number of patients come in for care at the ED, and this new expansion will help ease all patients to be seen faster and more expediently.”

Hoag is already providing this type of care through a fast-track process provided in the ED lobby. In 2021, 35% of the 74,639 patients who came to the Newport Beach ED were low acuity and received treatment through this “fast-track” process.

“Having the dedicated space will make a difference as we ‘fast track’ people who are experiencing things like beach injuries, minor burns, minor allergic reactions and those types of symptoms,” Braithwaite said.

“There is a palpable excitement about this project,” Braithwaite said. “It’s another way that Hoag is keeping patients’ needs front and center.”