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Can taking supplements reduce my risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Science shows that a Mediterranean diet rich in plant-based foods and healthy fats is best for reducing our risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Still, it’s impossible to overlook the advertisements for brain-heath supplements. The brain-health supplements market is lucrative and unregulated; advertisers don’t have to prove their claims. The credible research that has been conducted shows that many key ingredients in these supplements never make their way into the brain.

The news on supplements isn’t all bad, and there are some steps – and dietary additions – to take to improve brain health and reduce risk of dementia.

  • Invest in regular exercise and healthier eating habits, which will help provide your body the vital nutrients it needs.
  • Follow the Mediterranean diet. If you can’t get enough omega-3s or B-12 from your diet, take a simple multivitamin or omega-3/fish-oil capsule. Omega 3s are shown to make their way into the brain and have other proven health benefits.

We really are what we eat, and when it comes to many brain-health supplements, the science doesn’t back the hype.

By Aaron Ritter, M.D.