What Our Clients Are Saying


Sasha Yamaguchi, Regional Vice President West Region & Texas Markets

We were pleased to welcome Anusha back again this year as a speaker at our annual Cigna Women in Leadership Summit, where we hosted 100 female leaders in the healthcare industry. Anusha spoke to attendees about her work at Hoag Women’s Wellness Center, and shared her expertise in the field of meditation. She shared the science behind meditation, why it is beneficial and how it allows people to better cope with wellness challenges they face every day. Her message aligned with Cigna’s mission to improve the health, wellbeing and sense of security of the people we serve. Thanks to her presentation, attendees were able to take away tangible tools to use in their work and personal lives. Anusha has done a great job sharing an important wellness message, and we are lucky to have her speak with us each year.”


Shawn Covarrubias, Vice President, Operations

“The WOW event that you spoke at for our women’s group back in March was wonderful, informative and educational. Learning all that your women’s wellness center has to offer was beneficial to our clients.

Our clients all walked away from your presentation with a new tool to help them navigate through their stressful days. Learning that there are other ways to cope and deal with the stress of our daily lives was eye-opening to the women in our group, and I know that many of them (including myself) have added mindful meditation to their daily routine.”


Marisa Swain, Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Anusha is one of the most dynamic speakers we have had present at our annual Orthopedic Nursing Symposium. She spoke on “Anxiety Reduction Techniques for the Orthopedic Nurse and Their Patients”. The participants raved about her lecture and her willingness to share her expertise in mindfulness. Anusha led the attendees through a mindful breathing exercise that captured the essence of her guidance, support and coaching that anyone in the healthcare industry could benefit from (both professionals and patients). The audience was inspired to continue practicing mindfulness and focusing on the breath to help control stressors and as a result feel better-equipped to teach patients these techniques to help reduce their anxiety. We highly recommend Anusha for any upcoming educational event to add a dimension to the learning experience that the participants truly appreciate and walk away with some very useful techniques!”


Ann Stawicki, President

When we were planning the inaugural Orange County Employee Benefits Council’s Woman’s Tea it was important to us to offer a not only a social event, but also share health information that women could incorporate into their daily lives. Anusha was a hit! She was the final speaker of the day and she captivated the audience. Many in attendance had never meditated before and Anusha put everyone at ease, established a warm and nurturing environment, and made meditation accessible to all. Anusha is simultaneously a consummate professional and a real woman with every day experiences. She received high praise from our audience and we can’t wait to bring her back to our next event.”