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Women's Health

Advancing Breast Health: The Evolution of Breast Imaging

One of the best proactive measures you can take for your breast health is to empower yourself with knowledge. Understand your personal breast health and schedule your mammograms annually. Annual mammograms remain the gold standard for detecting breast cancer. The goal of a screening mammogram is to find cancer at an early stage when treatment … Read More
Published On: April 22, 2024

The Road to Parenthood: Grateful Patient Grows With Hoag

As a young sixteen-year-old starting her health journey, Kailyn Hutchinson first crossed paths with Hoag OB/GYN, Lisa Karamardian, M.D., Jeffrey M. Carlton Endowed Chair in Women’s Health, in honor of Dr. Anne M. Kent and medical director of Maternal Child Health at Hoag Hospital. Little did Kailyn know that this initial meeting would mark the … Read More
Published On: April 22, 2024

Nourishing Beginnings: Exploring the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not just a feeding method. It is a bonding experience for a mother and baby that offers numerous benefits; from providing essential nutrients and antibodies to fostering an emotional connection and reducing the risk of various illnesses. “In a modern society, where breastfeeding rates are influenced by societal norms, cultural beliefs and workplace … Read More
Published On: February 22, 2024

Medical Mission: In Her Own Words

On October 20, Hoag’s co-Gynecologic Oncology Directors Lisa Abaid, M.D., and John (Jeb) Brown, M.D., embarked on a nine-day medical mission to Bolivia. It was the eleventh trip for Dr. Abaid and the second for Dr. Brown. While most of the doctors’ prior trips had focused on surgery, the physicians traveled to implement a program … Read More
Published On: January 30, 2024

Nurturing a Healthy Beginning: Prenatal Infection Prevention Tips

If you are pregnant or have been considering having a baby, it is important to know that what you do to your body and what you put in your body can affect your baby. As we raise awareness for Prenatal Infection Prevention Awareness Month, it is important to spread awareness about the dangers of prenatal … Read More
Published On: January 25, 2024

Take Control of Your Breast Health: Understand Your Normal

While we encourage annual mammograms, one of the best proactive measures you can take for your breast health is to empower yourself with knowledge. Understanding how your breasts routinely feel and look is important so that if you detect any changes, you can discuss them with your physician. “In addition to breast self-exams, we recommend … Read More
Published On: January 25, 2024

AI Living Up to Its Promise as a Tool for Radiology

By January Lopez, M.D. For the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been proving itself as an effective tool in breast cancer screening. An ever growing list of research studies have shown that using AI in mammography can safely and efficiently reduce patient wait times while reducing the pressure on in-demand radiologists. This is … Read More
Published On: October 18, 2023

Mammograms Save Lives – But Are They Enough?

By: Dr. January Lopez Mammography has been proven to save lives, is fast affordable and widely available. But like all tests in medicine, mammograms aren’t perfect. The truth is there are some breast cancers in some breasts that cannot be detected on screening mammography at the earliest stages. So, what can we do to close … Read More
Published On: October 13, 2023

Let’s Talk About Sex — Understanding What It Means to You

By: Danielle Dawson, M.A., L.M.F.T. No matter the reason for the lack of intimacy or sex – not being in the mood, feeling self-conscious about your body or abilities, or physical side effects – it is important to understand how to feel good about yourself and be close to someone you love.  Here are four … Read More
Published On: October 13, 2023

Understand Your Risk & Take Control: The Significance of Preparation and Prevention When it Comes to Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Preparation and prevention are essential when it comes to your health. The Hoag Breast & Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program specializes in the management and care for women who have tested positive for a genetic mutation that increases their risk of breast, ovarian and/or uterine cancer. “Hoag’s Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program is delivering on … Read More
Published On: September 14, 2023