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The 4 Wise Steps of EOY Deductibles

‘Twas the month before New Year’s when all through your mind, you realized: You’ve reached your deductible! Now is the time! Make your appointments, order your pills. And know that your health plan may pick up the bill.

Your deductible is how much of your medical costs you pay (excluding premiums and copays or coinsurance) before your insurance pitches in for at least some of your medical expenses. By this time of the year, many people will have met their deductibles, meaning it is more likely that your health plan will pick up the cost of any medical appointments or procedures.

So, reach out to your primary care physician for screenings, specialist referrals and other medical appointments that you may have been putting off. To make an appointment today, visit

How else can you make the most of this time?

Max out your FSA Balance. If you have a health flexible spending account, make sure you use those pre-tax dollars. Remember those contributions come with a use-it-or-lose it provision. Use the money for doctors and dentists appointments, prescription drugs, menstrual care products and even over-the-counter drugs.



Preventative Screenings. Schedule your annual physical, your mammogram, colonoscopy and any other recommended screenings, including blood lab work.




Call that Specialist. Whether it’s cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology or a women’s health specialist, that highly-skilled physician leader is just a (likely covered) call away.




Refill your Rx. It is a good idea to refill prescriptions before any scheduled travel. Whether you’re heading out of town, or home for the holidays, take stock of your medicine cabinet and make sure your medications are refilled.