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Hoag Hospital Irvine Emergency Department Donors are Stepping Up to Help Expand a Vital Community Resource


The Hoag Hospital Irvine Emergency Department (ED) is the hospital’s front door for those in need. In the years since its 2010 opening, the capacity of the Hoag Hospital Irvine ED has been outpaced by the growing Irvine population. Daily visits have doubled since opening and the volume is on the rise. It has never been more important to expand this resource that is central to the health and well-being of an entire community.

Meeting the Needs of Irvine

Donor support for the ED expansion underscores just how much this project means to Irvine residents. Initial donors are making significant gifts to ensure that the Hoag Hospital Irvine ED is able to deliver a quality experience for patients and their families.

“My husband, Chris, and I are intentional about supporting our local community and our goal this year was to benefit community health,” says Missy Pace Callero, co-founder of the Callero Family Foundation. “We want our gift to serve as many people as possible and we knew a gift supporting the Hoag Hospital Irvine ED would touch a lot of people in a positive way during a stressful time.”

Hoag extends our deepest appreciation to these early supporters:

  • Hoag is naming the Callero Family Foundation Atrium in recognition of a gift from the Callero Family Foundation
  • Hoag is naming the Horowitz Family Lounge in recognition of a gift from David and Michelle Horowitz
  • Hoag is naming the Daphne & Kai Liang High Acuity Treatment Room in recognition of a gift from Daphne and Kai Liang

Creating an Efficient ED with a Calming and Healing Environment

Visionary donors are helping Hoag update and transform the Hoag Hospital Irvine ED to better serve patients with the latest in advanced care. Improvements include:

Expanded Treatment Space

  • 38 treatment spaces including 32 private rooms
  • Private family consultation rooms
  • Dedicated Cardiac and Stroke receiving rooms

Efficient Processes to Reduce Wait Times

  • Treating minor injuries in fast track bays
  • Improved patient registration, charting, data collection and tools for team coordination
  • Collaborative care in partnership with the Lab, Pharmacy and Radiology
  • Increased telemedicine through robotics for pediatrics, stroke and other complex patient conditions

The first phase, which includes adding 24 new patient rooms, has begun. The second phase featuring a new patient lobby will begin fall 2017. The ED will remain open throughout the renovation which is scheduled for completion in early 2019.

“I’m so grateful for our generous families who are supporting the ED expansion,” says Marcy Brown, vice president of Hoag Hospital Irvine and Ambulatory Services. “Everyone who comes in through our doors will benefit from their heartfelt and visionary philanthropy.” Marcy adds that with continued community support, Hoag physicians, nurses and clinical caregivers will be able to provide the best care to those in need.

For more information on how you can support the Hoag Hospital Irvine Emergency Department expansion, please contact Hoag Hospital Foundation at 888-210-1384 or visit www.HoagPromise.org.