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Comprehensive Cancer Services throughout the Hoag Health Care Village in Irvine


Centralized Care, Paired with a Specialized Team of Cancer Experts

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you need a strong team whose members work tirelessly together on your behalf, analyzing, consulting, and treating. Teamwork is essential to the successful diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of cancer, as well as access to state-of-the-art facilities, technology, leading-edge treatments and support services.

At Hoag Cancer Center Irvine, patients are not just visiting a stand-alone cancer center, but are also part of the Hoag network, which provides access to all aspects of cancer care – which can be many.

As a Hoag patient, individuals have the advantage of an entire team working together to ensure the very best treatment. This team includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, clinical nurse navigators, cancer dietitians, oncology social workers, genetic counselors, rehabilitation specialists, pulmonary specialists, and many other specialists and support persons all providing their own specialized approach to cancer care.

Several days a week, Hoag specialists come together in person or via teleconferencing to review, in-depth, the cancer cases they are currently treating. These multiple site-specific tumor boards are held in the Healy Family Conference Room and are comprised of a large team of cancer specialists.

“The idea of the tumor boards is to solicit opinions from other specialists who might not be involved in the patient’s direct care but who can provide valuable input and perspective. They help ensure that the latest knowledge in cancer treatment is applied,” said Kevin Lin, M.D., radiation oncologist at Hoag Cancer Center Irvine.

“When leading experts in a given field have the opportunity to confer, their combined knowledge and experience can help direct care for a patient who might have, for example, an unusual case of breast cancer or a particularly difficult brain tumor,” Dr. Lin added.

By regularly communicating with one another, physicians can coordinate care between radiation, chemotherapy and surgery to ensure patients receive the care they need when they need it, Dr. Lin explained. In addition, the meetings help physicians determine which patients might benefit from consultations with a therapist, a genetic counselor, a dietitian, an exercise physiologist or other support services.

Being part of the Hoag health care village in Irvine, cancer patients experience convenient access to other needed services, such as imaging, the top-rated Hoag Breast Center, and rehabilitation services, an important therapy for cancer fatigue or other side effects of cancer. Extensive support services and fitter image classes are located within Hoag Cancer Center Irvine, and physician offices are also located within Hoag Cancer Center Irvine and throughout the Hoag health care village.

“When planning for Hoag Cancer Center Irvine, the intention was to not only bring top quality cancer care closer to home for south county residents, but to also bring all services together,” said Burton Eisenberg, M.D., Grace E. Hoag Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair, Hoag Family Cancer Institute and professor of Clinical Surgery, Keck School of Medicine of USC. “A cancer patient has many physicians, treatment therapies and psychosocial needs throughout their journey. Hoag wanted to place all of these services in one centralized area to alleviate the stress of access and travel, to allow the patient to focus on healing.”

At Hoag, centralized, integrated multidisciplinary care paired together with a team of cancer specialists is the needed equation for the success of our cancer patients.

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