Ask the Doctor: Damien Richardson, M.D.

Q. What are the latest treatments for foot pain and arthritis in my foot?

A. If you’re experiencing pain in your midfoot (the area bridging your toes and ankle) when walking, climbing upstairs, or across the top of your foot, you may have midfoot arthritis.

The first step for treating midfoot pain is decreasing stress and inflammation by losing weight and decreasing high impact activity that can aggravate those muscles and joints (long walks, running, jumping). Next, using full-length carbon fiber orthotic inserts that support your foot and recreate the bridge structure of your foot – or wearing newer supportive shoes that have a stiffer, more supportive base with a rocker bottom sole – can greatly reduce pain.

If you still experience pain after more than six months of conservative treatment methods, it’s recommended to speak with a specialist who can discuss options such as steroid injections or surgery. Technology has improved greatly in recent years and while X-rays provide great information about one’s foot structure, weight-bearing CT scans are the latest innovation to truly show the mechanics of a patient’s foot relative to their body mechanics and show the clearest pathway for treatment with minimal, targeted radiation.