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Hoag Corporate Speaking: Live Better, Work Better

Everyone wants to walk into work with a lucid mind, a calm demeanor and a focused drive. To get the most out of individuals and businesses, Hoag offers a Corporate Speaking Program anchored in the scientifically proven practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Hoag’s speaking topics are ideal for executive leadership summits and strategy meetings. Tailored to meet an organization’s needs, Hoag’s program helps counter stress in the workplace to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Anusha Wijeyakumar, MA, CPC, RYT, introduces what mindfulness is and how it can be effectively practiced in the workplace.

“Thanks to Anusha’s presentation, attendees were able to take away tangible tools to use in their work and personal lives,” said Sasha Yamaguchi, Cigna Healthcare’s regional vice president, West Region & Texas.

“I have sat in many conference rooms feeling nervous or anxious over the years, and something that has worked for me is bringing my attention to my breath before a meeting to make sure I become and remain less reactionary,” Wijeyakumar tells corporate clients. “Simply bringing my attention to my breath before the meeting keeps me anchored, and helps keep me focused and calm. It really enables me to bring my mind into the present moment, ensuring that I maintain a level of equanimity within.”

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