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Hoag Provides Options for GYN Conditions

When it comes to gynecological health, Hoag has women covered with non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical approaches, and a multidisciplinary team of experts who are dedicated to patient-centered care.

Thousands of women, and men, suffer from pelvic floor disorders, a constellation of conditions that affect bladder, bowel or sexual function. These patients are often shuffled from one physician to the next, living in apprehension and pain – sometimes for years.

Building upon its existing program, this year the Hoag Pelvic Health Program (formerly Womanology® + RestoreHIM®) launched a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treating pelvic floor conditions without surgery. Hoag’s expanded program addresses all facets of pelvic health in a “one-stop shop” that incorporates clinical care, physical therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine to help patients find the relief they need and regain their quality of life.

To champion this effort, Leah Nakamura, M.D., was recently named the physician advisor to the Hoag Pelvic Health Program. In this role, Dr. Nakamura will further develop the program to gather and publish the functional outcomes that will advance this field of medicine. Dr. Nakamura will work in collaboration with referring physicians and specialists to ensure coordinated care for their patients.

“Having all of these services in one location is important because a lot of these patients, particularly those who experience pelvic pain, get the runaround. It sometimes takes them years to be correctly diagnosed and they are told that it’s in their head,” said Salpi Salibian, PA-C, clinical director of Hoag Pelvic Health Program. “To have a compassionate team of competent clinicians in one location under the direction of Dr. Nakamura, who is fellowship trained and double board certified, is a huge service to the patients in our community.”

“Whether it is incontinence, prolapse or pain, we have a full team approach,” Dr. Nakamura said. “We provide all of the nonsurgical treatment options, but if and when they need something more, patients have those medical services available to them at Hoag too.”

Minimally invasive surgical procedures are available for a variety of disorders and diseases, including gynecological cancers, prolapse and infertility. Hoag is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) and a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS), in addition to being the highest-volume provider of robotic-assisted surgery for gynecologic conditions in California.

The multidisciplinary, integrated team approach has made all the difference to patients like Jennifer, 36, who was pregnant when doctors discovered her ovarian cancer. While still five-months pregnant, Jennifer underwent robotic-assisted surgery to successfully remove her right ovary and part of her fallopian tube without any danger to the baby. Today, Jennifer is cancer-free, the mother of a toddler and doing well.

Whether you are a patient in need of pelvic health rehabilitation or robotic-assisted gyn surgery, Hoag is with you every step of the way.