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Four Reasons to Align with a Primary Care Physician

Brian Paik, M.D.
Hoag Medical Group

Several of my friends have asked me why they need a primary care physician (PCP) if they are in good health, or have an insurance plan where they can schedule an appointment directly with the specialists of their choice. Good questions; and here’s what you and your family should consider:

  1. I am your guide – Finding the right specialist or health care services can be confusing and time consuming. I can help navigate this process. As your PCP, I will conduct a comprehensive health history when we first meet. This provides me with a benchmark to monitor you over time and understand your unique risk factors for certain conditions. From there, I can help guide you to accessing the world-class specialists and services at Hoag. I work with some of the best and brightest physicians at Hoag, and we will work together to attain your health care goals.
  1. I know your history – In order to keep you healthy, I will use the information gathered at each visit to recommend immunizations and screening tests at the appropriate intervals. Being proactive with your annual well check will help to minimize the risk of health complications down the line. If you have not scheduled your annual physical, please put that on your “to do” list today!
  1. I am your partner – When we work together and proactively address health concerns we can improve your health outcomes, reduce your health care costs, and enhance your overall quality of life.
  1. I am here when you need me – One of the most important aspects of maintaining good health, is access to care when you need it. As a PCP with Hoag Medical Group, I am happy that our practice offers my patients several options to convenient care including, same-day appointments when you are sick, Hoag Urgent Care locations for care when my office is closed, a nurse advice line, on-call physicians, and a patient portal to manage all of your health care needs.

By connecting with a PCP, you gain a trusted partner that can guide your way through the health care process. Visit www.hoagmedicalgroup.com to learn more about Hoag Medical Group and how you can access all of Hoag.