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Stretching Into New Territory: Hoag Offers Yoga, Meditation Classes for the Public

Breathe. Stretch. Relax.

We know we need to reduce stress to improve our physical and mental well-being. But when do we make the time for mindful breathing? Where do we give ourselves the space for deep stretching? How do we turn the admonition to “just relax” into a legitimate part of our health care regimen?

Hoag is now offering meditation, yoga and other classes as part of its comprehensive services at Hoag for Her | Center for Wellness. In concert with pelvic health, fitness coaching and sex therapy, Hoag for Her’s meditation program provides an evidence-based approach to improving health by addressing overall wellness.

The programs are opened to the public – not just for Hoag patients – and are available for men as well as women.

“Our goal is to offer services in an environment that is welcoming and safe,” said Anusha Wijeyakumar, Hoag for Her Wellness Coach. “Clients who have been nervous to come to a yoga class find a nurturing, non-judgmental environment within which to expand their horizons, and practice yoga and meditation.”

The Hoag brand lends a clinical legitimacy to the classes, but the Hoag for Her Centers in Newport Beach and Irvine don’t have a “hospital feel.” The pleasant ambiance and beautiful décor make Hoag for Her | Center for Wellness feel almost spa-like.

“Hoag is standing behind meditation and yoga because science has proven it to be central to keeping people healthy,” Wijeyakumar said. “The goal is to allow people to take control of their own health in a holistic way.”

Classes are open to the public for $35/class.

For more information, call 888-411-0853.