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Partnership is at the Heart of Our Care

When it comes to caring for the heart health of our community, we believe in the power of partnership.

Partnering with the community to educate, prevent and treat conditions of the heart means better quality of life.

The Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute at Hoag is the region’s top-rated cardiovascular center, renowned for its dedication to providing the highest quality of care and services.

And our mission begins with being great stewards of education and awareness.

February is Heart Awareness Month, designated to bring attention to the leading cause of death in the United States.

While some factors are out of your control (family history, gender and age), the power to protect your heart is largely in your hands.

Resolve to take better care of your heart and take part in one of our heart-healthy activities, free community education classes and early detection screenings.

For patients confronted with a cardiovascular condition, whether it be arrhythmia, coronary disease or vascular disease, Hoag employs the most advanced technology, tools and procedures.

With specialties in cardiac and vascular surgery, arrhythmia management and valve disease, Hoag is giving more people than ever a new lease on life.

Visit the Heart Awareness Month page to learn more.