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Beating in Perfect Rhythm

A chronic cough that sent Ron Larson to Hoag ended up saving his life.

During the exam to find the cause of the persistent cough, Larson’s physician detected an irregular heartbeat and follow-up testing confirmed a diagnosis of arrhythmia.

After several attempts to treat Larson’s irregular heartbeat through medication, it became clear that more was needed.

He lost consciousness on a handful of occasions, including once during a follow-up appointment with his doctors.

“That was a wake up call,” Larson said. “I was so happy the doctors at Hoag were there to witness what happened to me that day because the medication I was on was no longer working.”

Hoag physicians suggested ablation — a non-surgical procedure to correct an arrhythmia — and an injectable heart monitor that tracks his heart rhythm nightly and reports the results directly to his physician.

Since Larson’s procedure, his heart beats in perfect rhythm — a gift he attributes to his skilled Hoag team.

“I have more energy and I get up in the morning ready to go,” he said. “They saved my life.”

Instead of worrying about whether his heart will skip a beat, Larson spends his days enjoying his volunteer time at church, traveling, and taking walks and long bike rides.

“I still have a lot that I enjoy,” he said. “I don’t want to give up for a while.”